Candle Wax Dyes   These 3g candle wax dyes are super concentrated and stronger than liquid dyes. They can be used in all types of wax, soy, paraffin, gell, beeswax etc. 1 gram of dye can colour up to 1kg of wax, depending on depth of colour required, soy wax will require a little more as it has a cream texture. Available in 19 great colours and super value at only £1.50 per pack plus a fixed order postage of 95p. These dyes are without doubt the best we have come across and we highly recommend them. Magenta 3 grams  Indigo 3 grams Black 3 grams Girly pink 3 grams Aubergine 3 grams Warm red 3 grams Poppy red 3 grams Chocolate brown 3 grams Claret red 3 grams Turquoise 3 grams Orange 3 grams Jade 3 grams Emerald green 3 grams White 3 grams Lime green 3 grams Yellow 3 grams Lavender 3 grams Aqua 3 grams Old rose 3 grams All 19 colour pack special          Only £15.99
All single colours are £1.50 each + £1.30 P+P per order