Candle Wax Dyes   These 3g candle wax dyes are super concentrated and stronger than liquid dyes. They can be used in all types of wax, soy, paraffin, gell, beeswax etc. 1 gram of dye can colour up to 1kg of wax, depending on depth of colour required, soy wax will require a little more as it has a cream texture. Available in 19 great colours and super value at only £1.50 per pack plus a fixed order postage of 95p. These dyes are without doubt the best we have come across and we highly recommend them. Magenta 3 grams  Indigo 3 grams Black 3 grams Girly pink 3 grams Aubergine 3 grams Warm red 3 grams Poppy red 3 grams Chocolate brown 3 grams Claret red 3 grams Turquoise 3 grams Orange 3 grams Jade 3 grams Emerald green 3 grams White 3 grams Lime green 3 grams Yellow 3 grams Lavender 3 grams Aqua 3 grams Old rose 3 grams All 19 colour pack special          Only £15.99
All single colours are £1.50 each + 95p P+P per order  Please note, I’ll be away from the 3rd of March until the 11th of March. Orders placed between these dates will be posted out on the 12th of March. Thank you