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Satisfaction is guaranteed with a full 14 day money back guarantee. I can be contacted by using the contact form on the contact page on the site, or direct on the following email address. Brand New Please visit my brand new candle wax dye page. 19 great colours in super concentrated form, use with all types of wax including Gel. Take a look Here This page contains a small selection of Faber Castell Polychromo Artist Pencils. Great pencils, great colours at a fantastic price. Postage is only 95p per order          White                               Light Flesh                         Medium Flesh                      Dark Flesh                     Cream                                 Ivory                              Helio Turquoise                 Cobalt Turquoise Pink Madder Lake                Cobalt Green                              Black                           Payne’s Grey   Warm Grey I                    Warm Grey II                         Warm Grey III                     Warm Grey IV Warm Grey VI                     Cold Grey I                           Cold Grey II                       Cold Grey III     Nougat                           Brown Ochre                        Burnt Sienna                 Light Ultramarine    Smalt Blue                Light Cobalt Turquoise                Cinnamon                 Chrome Oxide Green     Light Violet                       Light Blue                            Cobalt Blue                         Fushsia
Cadmium Orange               Cadmium Yellow               Light Yellow Glaze       £1.49                                    £1.49                                     £1.49                                 £1.49 £1.49                                  £1.49                                     £1.49                                   £1.49 £1.49                                     £1.49                                     £1.49                                 £1.49 £1.49                                  £1.49                                     £1.49                                 £1.49 £1.49                                  £1.49                                     £1.49                                 £1.49 £1.49                                  £1.49                                     £1.49                                  £1.49 £1.49                                 £1.49                                     £1.49                                 £1.49 £1.49                                   £1.49                                    £1.49                                 £1.49                                  £1.49                                     £1.49                                   £1.49 Faber Castell Polychromo Pencils Faber Castell Polychromos