Artist Pencils Online
Prismacolor Lightfast Pencils are now a discontinued line. I have a small selection of colours which are brand new and at a clearance price. Colours are below.
Prussian Green        £0.90 Black £0.90 Cool Grey 50%       £0.90 Cobalt Turquoise         £0.90 Raw Umber     £0.90 Gold metal     £0.90 Titanate Green Hue          £0.90 Cerulean Blue       £0.90 English Red Light          £0.90 Canary Yellow       £0.90 Cad Red Hue        £0.90 Pale Blue    £0.90 Prussian Blue       £0.90 Prismacolor Watercolour selection These are a nice selection of Prismacolor watercolour pencils we carry in stock. Please note, these pencils have been sharpened once or twice but are 95%-100% full size. These pencils can be used as normal colouring pencils or used to create some excellent watercolour paintings or watercolour effects.
Terra Cotta     £0.75 Violet £0.75 Dark Umber      £0.75 Peacock Blue       £0.75 Light Peach      £0.75 Sunburst Yellow        £0.75 Spanish Orange        £0.75  Lilac £0.75 Cream  £0.75 Goldenrod    £0.75 Sienna Brown       £0.75 Blush Pink     £0.75 Grass Green      £0.75 Cool Grey 50%        £0.75 Crimson Red       £0.75  Black  £0.75 Prismacolor Lightfast Pencils Faber Castell Polychromos