Artist Pencils Online
  Pink PC929  £1.69 Magenta   PC930    £1.69  Violet PC932  £1.69 Violet Blue    PC933     £1.69 Lavender   PC934    £1.69 Slate Grey    PC936     £1.69 Tuscan Red     PC937      £1.69  White PC938  £1.69 Peach PC939 £1.69 Mahogony Red      PC1029        £1.69 Raspberry   PC1030     £1.69 Pumpkin Orange      PC1032        £1.69 Mineral Orange      PC1033        £1.69 Putty Beige    PC1083      £1.69 Peach Beige     PC1085       £1.69  Sand PC940  £1.69 Light Umber     PC941      £1.69 Yellow Ochre      PC942       £1.69 Terra Cotta    PC944     £1.69 Sienna Brown      PC945       £1.69  Sepia PC948  £1.69 Silver Metallic      PC949       £1.69   Lilac PC956  £1.69 Brand New Please visit my brand new candle wax dye page. 19 great colours in super concentrated form, use with all types of wax including Gel. Take a look Here Lemon Yellow      PC915       £1.69
Light Aqua    PC992     £1.69
Light Cerulean Blue          PC904           £1.69
Light Green     PC920      £1.69
Light Peach   PC927    £1.69
Limepeel  PC1005    £1.69
Marine Green      PC988       £1.69
Mediterranean Blue        PC1022          £1.69
Moss Green    PC1097      £1.69
Mulberry   PC995    £1.69
Muted Turquoise       PC1088         £1.69
L to M  Nectar PC1092   £1.69
Neon Orange    PC1036       £1.69 Neon Yellow    PC1035       £1.69   Neon Pink    PC1038       £1.69
Non Photo Blue        PC919         £1.69
Olive Green     PC911     £1.69
Orange  PC918   £1.69
Pale Sage   PC1089     £1.69
Pale Vermillion       PC921        £1.69
Parma Violet     PC1008       £1.69
Parrot Green     PC1006       £1.69
Peacock Blue     PC1027       £1.69
Peacock Green       PC907        £1.69
Periwinkle   PC1025     £1.69
Permanent Red        PC122         £1.69
Pink Rose   PC1018     £1.69
Pomegranate      PC195       £1.69
Poppy Red    PC922     £1.69
Powder Blue     PC1087       £1.69
Process Red      PC994       £1.69
Prussian Green       PC109        £1.69
N to P Rosy Beige   PC1019     £1.69
Salmon Pink     PC1001       £1.69
Sandbar Brown       PC1094         £1.69
Sap Green Light        PC120         £1.69
Scarlet Lake     PC923      £1.69
Seashell Pink      PC1093        £1.69
Sky Blue Light      PC1086        £1.69
Spanish Orange       PC1003         £1.69
Spring Green     PC913      £1.69
Sunburst Yellow       PC917        £1.69
True Blue   PC903    £1.69
True Green    PC910     £1.69
Ultramarine    PC902     £1.69
Q to U V to Z Warm Grey 10%       PC1050        £1.69
Warm Grey 20%       PC1051        £1.69
Warm Grey 30%       PC1052        £1.69
Warm Grey 50%       PC1054        £1.69
Warm Grey 70%       PC1056        £1.69
Warm Grey 90%       PC1058        £1.69
Yellow Chartreuse         PC 1004           £1.69 Yellowed Orange        PC1002          £1.69
Pencil extenders A great little tool to extend the life of your valuable Prismacolor pencils, when pencils start to shorten they are difficult to work with. These pencil extenders  can hold a 1inch to 1.5 inch pencil stub extending the life of your pencil. Only £1.69 each  Not suitable for Caran d’Ache      Luminance pencils Uk orders only please Now in Stock Prismacolor Premier Ultra Smooth Ebony Graphite Sketch Pencil Prismacolor Premier Graphite Sketch Pencil features extra smooth graphite lead that is designed specially for sketching, portrait and figure drawing and illustrations. Ebony pencil make fine line work stand out in the crowd making it an essential element in the artist's arsenal. £1.49 each