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Crimson Lake      PC925       £1.69 Carmin Red     PC926      £1.69 Blush Pink    PC928     £1.69   Pink PC929  £1.69 Magenta   PC930    £1.69 Dark Purple     PC931      £1.69  Violet PC932  £1.69 Violet Blue    PC933     £1.69 Lavender   PC934    £1.69  Black PC935  £1.69 Slate Grey    PC936     £1.69 Tuscan Red     PC937      £1.69  White PC938  £1.69 Peach PC939 £1.69 Lake Blue   PC1102    £1.69 Mahogony Red      PC1029        £1.69 Raspberry   PC1030     £1.69  Henna PC1031   £1.69 Pumkin Orange      PC1032        £1.69 Mineral Orange      PC1033        £1.69 Goldenrod   PC1034     £1.69 Electric Blue    PC1040      £1.69 Black Cherry    PC1078      £1.69 Blue Violet Lake       PC1079         £1.69 Beige Sienna      PC1080        £1.69 Chestnut  PC1081    £1.69 Chocolate   PC1082     £1.69 Putty Beige    PC1083      £1.69 Ginger Root    PC1084      £1.69 Peach Beige     PC1085       £1.69  Sand PC940  £1.69 Light Umber     PC941      £1.69 Espresso  PC1099    £1.69 Yellow Ochre      PC942       £1.69 Burnt Ochre     PC943      £1.69 Terra Cotta    PC944     £1.69 Sienna Brown      PC945       £1.69 Dark Brown     PC946      £1.69 Dark Umber     PC947      £1.69  Sepia PC948  £1.69 Silver Metallic      PC949       £1.69 Gold Metallic     PC950      £1.69   Lilac PC956  £1.69 Satisfaction is guaranteed with a full 14 day money back guarantee. I can be contacted by using the contact form on the contact page on the site, or direct on the following email address. Brand New Please visit my brand new candle wax dye page. 19 great colours in super concentrated form, use with all types of wax including Gel. Take a look Here Faber Castell Polychromos Cobalt Turquoise        PC105         £1.69