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Hot Pink  PC993   £1.69 Light Aqua    PC992     £1.69 Marine Green      PC988       £1.69 Chartreuse     PC989      £1.69 Sky Blue Light      PC1086        £1.69 Powder Blue     PC1087       £1.69 Muted Turquoise       PC1088         £1.69 Pale Sage   PC1089     £1.69 Kelp Green   PC1090     £1.69 Green Ochre     PC1091       £1.69  Nectar PC1092   £1.69 Seashells Pink      PC1093        £1.69 Sandbar Brown       PC1094         £1.69 Black Raspberry       PC1095         £1.69 Kelly Green    PC1096      £1.69 Moss Green    PC1097      £1.69 Antichoke   PC1098     £1.69 Process Red      PC994       £1.69 Mulberry   PC995    £1.69 Black Grape      PC996       £1.69  Beige PC997  £1.69 Salmon Pink     PC1001       £1.69 Yellowed Orange        PC1002          £1.69 China Blue    PC1100      £1.69  Bronze PC1028   £1.69 Peacock Blue     PC1027       £1.69 Greyed Lavender       PC1026         £1.69 Periwinkle   PC1025     £1.69 Blue Slate   PC1024     £1.69 Cloud Blue    PC1023      £1.69 Spanish Orange       PC1003         £1.69 Yellow Chartreuse        PC1004          £1.69 Limepeel  PC1005    £1.69 Parrot Green     PC1006       £1.69 Imperial Violet      PC1007        £1.69 Parma Violet     PC1008       £1.69 Dahlia Purple     PC1009       £1.69  Jasmin PC1012   £1.69 Clay Rose   PC1017     £1.69 Pink Rose   PC1018     £1.69 Rosy Beige   PC1019     £1.69 Celedon Green      PC1020        £1.69 Jade Green    PC1021      £1.69 Mediterranean Blue        PC1022          £1.69 Satisfaction is guaranteed with a full 14 day money back guarantee. I can be contacted by using the contact form on the contact page on the site, or direct on the following email address. Brand New Please visit my brand new candle wax dye page. 19 great colours in super concentrated form, use with all types of wax including Gel. Take a look Here Faber Castell Polychromos